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Efficient and Accurate Medical Billing Services for Healthcare Providers and your Patients

​Preferred Medical Billing is a professional billing service committed to being a responsive partner and maximizing reimbursement by providing solutions that allow you the freedom to focus on the core elements of your business: the practice of medicine and the care of your patients. We provide electronic claims processing, medical billing services, and practice management solutions to healthcare providers so you can run your practice. Because every practice is unique, we customize our services to meet your individual needs. No practice is too big or small.

PMB adds value to your practice by saving you time, money and hassle, leading to costs savings for healthcare providers. Our expertise in medical billing and information technology, with our proven track record, will reduce your practice's administrative costs and increase your profitability.

Preferred Medical Billing has been servicing physicians and medical providers doing extensive billing in California for over 20+ years, however, with today's technology we are able to handle accounts all over the US and are currently servicing practices in 4 different states.




Stacking Coins


We have all the tools, reports, and support you need to get paid faster the first time, with less effort.

Our management team works together on all aspects of your practice to ensure that we are doing everything we can to bring in as much revenue for your practice as possible



We ensure policies, processes, and controls meet or exceed applicable regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


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