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► Struggle through the revenue cycle process?


► Experience denials you don’t know how to handle?


► Need a review of your internal processes and workflows?


► Just need HELP – but you don’t know where or how?


   Few areas of the revenue cycle impact speed-to-payment as much as a strong claims processing system.  Every claim must be closely scrutinized to ensure that your system is compliant with new payment models, continually changing rules and regulations.

   Preferred Medical Billing delivers 98 percent claims acceptance rate by payors. Preferred Medical Billing Claims Management prevents incorrect billing, accelerates incoming cash flow, reduces cost to collect, mitigates audit risk, and empowers process improvement throughout the revenue cycle to produce positive results in very little time.


   Contact Us! By outsourcing your medical billing services to Preferred Medical Billing, you can increase your revenues 20% or more within 90 days.


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Barbra L. Nord, President/CEO



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   Preferred Medical Billing is a multi-specialty HIPAA compliant medical billing company in California that offers total management of the medical billing process. Our specialized back-office team working on your behalf is adept at claims submission, payment posting, insurance follow-up and patient statements. We not only take the burden off handling billing functions but also help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your Revenue Cycle Processes so you can increase practice revenue while we fast-track your billing processes.


Meeting the evolving standards in data communication and privacy protection


   Preferred Medical Billing was built on the principle that the valuable services provided by physicians should be compensated reasonably and expeditiously. As the complexities of coding and billing have increased dramatically the technology has as well. We implement a variety of software tools to ensure we meet the evolving standards in data communication and privacy protection.


Experienced leadership and service-focused staff


   Preferred Medical Billing's executive leadership combined with our service-focused staff, allows us to accurately and compliantly submit billings for a variety of specialties, provide excellent customer service to the physician and patient, and the experience to assist clients in bridging the gap between billing data and meaningful understanding and improvement of operations.

We strive to be more than simply a billing and collection service. Our goal is to establish long-term physician partnerships that offers the best service available.



With Preferred Medical Billing working with your practice you can expect:


  • Professional and ethical service

  • Patient billing questions answered personally and efficiently

  • Reduced overhead in payroll, benefits and staff training

  • Fewer denials and rejected claims

  • No billing software for you to maintain

  • No interruption of your billing due to staff vacations, sick leave or turnover