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  •       Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary claims processing and follow-up

  •       Worker’s Compensation and Personal Injury filing

  •       Patient Billing and Patient Statements

  •       Posting of payments from EOB’s and Patient Statements

  •       Follow-up and dispute insurance denials

  •       Annual fee scale and code review

  •       Identify areas where reimbursements can be improved

  •       Answer patient calls regarding billing questions

  •       Personalized reports provided monthly

  •       Payments are sent directly to you, we never come in contact with your money

  •      Accounts Receivable Management

  •      Consulting

billing statement for for medical service in doctor's office background.jpg

Preferred Medical Billing has the capabilities and the experience required to effectively partner with many different medical specialists and professionals such as:

  •          Physical and Occupational Therapy

  •          Family Practice

  •          Ophthalmology

  •          Optometry

  •          Chiropractic

  •          Dermatology

  •          Mental Health

  •          OB/GYN

  •          Urology

  •          Podiatry

  •          Cardiology

  •          Orthopedics

  •          Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Save Time and Money

Preferred Medical Billing will be a business partner for today and tomorrow's billing needs.  Additionally, we recognize how the medical billing  business operates,  all billing revenue factors and the demanding patient expectations that drive the medical field.

Confidentiality and Security (HIPPA Compliant)

Patient, Office and Record management, Security is our number one priority.

Increase Cash Flow and Lower Overhead Costs

We specialize in billing and handle all the details giving you peace of mind.  Saving time and adding money to your bottom line is part of our commitment. 

We know how to fix the billing and collect revenue for services rendered.  No more switching from billing company to billing company, we have a proven track record of success.  Preferred Medical Billing has vast knowledge and experience with many well known billing systems.  Saving time and adding money to your bottom line is part of our commitment. No more worries, leave the billing to PMB allowing you more time with patients.  

  • Increase cash flow from immediate claims filing     

  • Electronic EOB retrieval

  • Electronic claims submission result in faster claim payments

  • Immediate insurance claim follow-up

  • Denied claims are re-worked & re-submitted for payment 

  • Improved reimbursement with proper coding and billing

  • Monthly statement generation for all outstanding balances

  • Reduce administrative and employee costs

  • Elimination of administrative burden on physician

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Up-to-date on insurance regulations

  • Patients directed to our office for billing questions


Look No Further! Preferred Medical Billing Can Help!


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